So… this is clean energy?! People are beginning to wake up and ask the right questions!

Bonnie Hinderks Sylvia Koch

1. When we turn on the light switch, we expect the lights to go on – 100% of the time and not 35% of the time. Wind energy, by itself, will never EVER be able to turn on the lights 100% of the time.

2. Why are state mandates necessary? No utility companies would normally aggressively promote and develop this on their own. They had to be forced to so. Hence, the state mandates.

3. The WINDUSTRY convinced state officials that wind turbines would reduce CO2 emissions. However, not a single state requires verification of CO2 reduction from any wind project, either beforehand or after the fact. The politicians simply took the sales peoples’ word that significant CO2 savings would be realized! (It wasn’t too long before utility companies and independent energy experts calculated that the actual CO2 savings were extremely minimal.)

4. The WINDUSTRY decided to add the claim of energy diversity to the mix. However, since our electricity system already had considerable diversity this hype never gained as much traction as they had hoped, although pro-wind advocates will push almost anything.

5. The next justification put forward by the wind marketers was energy independence. This cleverly played on the concern most people have about oil. The marketers never mention that only about 1% of our electricity is generated from oil or that the US exports more oil than we use for electricity or that our main import source for oil is Canada and not the Middle East.

6. Pro-wind advocates invented another another wildly exaggerated claim: green jobs.
Attorney and energy expert Chris Horner has stated: “There is nothing – no program, no hobby, no vice, no crime – that does not ‘create jobs.’ Tsunamis, computer viruses and shooting convenience store clerks all ‘create jobs’…Since it applies to all, it is an argument in favor of none.”

7. Yet, another claim began making the rounds: that wind energy is low cost. This is surprisingly bold, considering that if that were really true, state mandates and MASSIVELY exorbitant tax credits would not be necessary. When ALL applicable wind-related costs are accurately calculated wind energy is MUCH more expensive than any conventional source we have.

8. How dependable is WIND? Can we count on wind energy being available a week from next Tuesday at 6 pm? Don’t count on it. Conventional sources (like nuclear) have a ‘Firm Capacity’ of nearly 100%. Wind has a ‘Firm Capacity’ of about 0%.

9. Wind advocates attack fossil fuels as unsustainable when the wind business has an ENORMOUS dependency on fossil fuels for their construction, delivery, maintenance and operation. Nothing is sustainable and because of their tremendous dependence on fossil fuels, wind energy is our LEAST sustainable option. The reality is that wind actually guarantees our perpetual dependence on fossil fuels!

10. Wind energy is “green”? Consider just one part of a turbine, the generator, uses about 2000 pounds per megawatt of rare earth minerals that are ignored by the WINDUSTRY. Mining the rare earth minerals of a typical 100 MW (megawatt) wind project would generate approximately:

1. 23,900 square yards of destroyed vegetation
2. 2 million pounds of CO2
3. 6 million cubic meter of toxic air pollution
4. 29 million gallons of poisoned water
5. 600 million pounds of highly contaminated tailing sands and
6. 280,000 pounds of radioactive waste.

THIS is clean energy?