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According to WindLab’s report, 298(?) homes will be affected by “flicker”


But they deny home owners  an easily understandable method to identify how their own homes will be impacted ! Upon closer look at maps provided by Windlab, there are some blatant discrepancies noted. Some of these discrepancies (while not limited to) are as follows:

Flicker signd01

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1. Properties that are in the impact area are not being shown 2. Wrong turbines are being listed as affecting house # 272 concerning flicker ( this being the case, how many other errors could there possibly be?). And how does the OPSB correctly assess the information presented to them seeing that none of the board members are from the area being reviewed? These questions are being raised from information contained in Exhibit P of the “Shadow Flicker Report” filed ( 01/24/13) with the OPSB  case document section.

To view the maps of the “Shadow Flicker Report” click here http://dis.puc.state.oh.us/TiffToPDf/A1001001A13L24B45732E48190.pdf  Maps will be on pages 33-34.

Also… see the “OPSB flicker” link below to see the letter sent by Chairman of Greenwich Neighbors United, Kevin Ledet to the Ohio Power Siting Board, as well as to the two non voting members  Senators  Bill Seitz and Michael Skindell,  outlining theses issues. The letter will be opened in your default word processor.

OPSB flicker