take a second and really examine this photo

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Possible contamination of the Mahomet Aquifer by TradeWinds Alta Farms II project in DeWitt County is a very serious safety concern.

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I would like everyone to take a second and really examine this photo. Look how tiny these people look- like ants on an apple. THIS is how

large the holes are for the turbines. This photo was taken in Iowa County. Look how much of our incredibly valuable dirt is gone, permanently! Think about how much concrete is going into our earth, forever! This could affect our aquifers and underground ecosystems. In fact, when midamerican was asked about that from a Madison County Supervisor, they responded that they haven’t studied it! Do you really want this for your farm?

**edited to add: We know that the hole is going to be back filled with the dirt on the side and is only 2/3 of the depth pictured. The point of the photo is to show, in general, the massive size of the holes dug-mainly how wide the concrete base is in our farm ground.