The TRUTH of EXPERIENCE Living Near an Industrial Wind Farm

This letter is not about being for or against the wind industry, it’s about the TRUTH as we EXPERIENCED it.  The TRUTH is we left our home, which we built in 1978 and where we raised our family, after eight 2.5 megawatt Industrial Wind Turbines (IWTs), just under 500 feet tall, were built in our neighborhood. 

Shortly after the IWTs started turning, we began experiencing unusual health symptoms such ear pain, unsteadiness, head pressure, etc… A few months after these symptoms began, we went on vacation for a while away from our home.  While away, we felt healthy, only to suffer negative health issues when we returned. We repeated this experiment several times to try to determine  the source of our health issues. When the turbines are down we can stay at our home. When they are running, we can’t. This and the testimony of others who visited our home convinced us that the IWTs were the source of our unusual negative health symptoms.

THIS isn’t about theory, it isn’t about peer-reviewed papers or studies. It’s about REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES. Although we are not a part of your community, I don’t think you have anybody living in your community who has EXPERIENCED living next to large Industrial Wind Turbines or has been driven out by them. Maybe outside people like us, who lived near the Shirley Wind Farm, can shed a lot more light on the situation I believe you’re going to be facing if you allow large wind turbines to be sited too close to your homes.  My hope is you will see the TRUTH of our situation before it possibly becomes your EXPERIENCE.

David Enz

Town of Glenmore


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