This is my correspondence to Ohio Senator Gayle Manning, has she heard from you yet? 

Dennis Albert
   My  Letter to Ohio Senator Gayle Manning Concerning House Bill 114.

Dear Senator Manning:
Please vote in favor of HB 114! It should be abundantly clear by now that whenever government legislates mandates, it produces way more problems then what it cures! The “knee jerk” reaction to establish so called green energy as an answer to a question that is not even a solid, legitimate question (i.e. climate change/global warming) is a blunder of epic proportions! Please, take a look at what is happening to countries that have given themselves over to this boondoggle called wind energy! Germany, South Australia, Canada, to name a few, are all reeling economically and their grid systems are being taxed beyond their designed function! We need to honor the freedom for both residential and business customers to be able to choose whether or not to subscribe to the grossly inefficient wind energy!The freedom of choice is a part of our free market system, a concept that is not embraced by the wind industry simply because they cannot compete on their own merit! Again, Please vote in favor of HB 114 to establish energy goals for our great state not mandates!
Thank you,
Dennis Albert


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