***URGENT***HB6 Senate Hearings

Good afternoon, I understand this is a late notice, however we just learned Saturday that there are hearings scheduled this Wednesday at 2:00 PM in Columbus at the Senate Finance Committee Hearing room for HB6. HB6 is an energy bill that among other things contains important provisions for the ability to get a referendum vote for “economically significant wind projects over 20 MW”. This provision would allow local residents to gather signatures from a percentage of residents
in an affected Township in order to get a wind project approved or not through a vote- this obviously would follow Ohio Power Siting Board approval. HB6 has passed the Ohio House and is now in the State Senate. The Senate has a major wind proponent sitting on this committee, it is Kurt Dolan of Chagrin Falls, OH. It is feared that Mr. Dolan will remove the referendum vote language from HB6 because it has such a high chance of passing (HB6). On Wednesday, the plan is that there will be a resident from several Counties in Ohio that will be providing verbal testimony, I will be speaking on behalf of Seneca. What we are basically looking for from anyone who is able are calls and letters to the Ohio State Senators supporting the referendum vote in HB 6. Also, if anyone is willing to make the drive, a barrage of “yellow shirt” claddened Wind Warriors would be welcome to show their support in the hearing room. Finally, any Township Trustees that can submit written testimony for this
hearing would be advisable. The main focus should be to “represent the needs of their Constituents” and be able to decide on a local level whether or not to host a wind project in their Township. Concentrate specifically on “local” stuff- Karst, aerial crop dusting, housing growth, etc. Leave out the bird and bat stuff, we need to concentrate on “people” for this one if you “catch my drift”.

Please call or email me if you have questions, I will be working second shift today (Monday) and also tomorrow at 4p. I have Wednesday and Thursday off. Chris Aichholz is unavailable, Deb Hay is unavailable and Greg Smith will be out of town, so they will not be able to get back with anyone if there are questions.

Thank you,

Chris Zeman

(419) 307-5254

Email: czman6868@gmail.com