Wind News – Mandate Committee Calls for Indefinite Freeze – Kasich says “Unacceptable”!

Report from Wind News

The long awaited Energy Mandate Study Committee report was released today.  Essentially, the report calls for:

1.       Extending the SB 310 Freeze indefinitely.

2.       Providing an Expedited Process at the PUCO for the Review of New Utility Plans for Energy Efficiency

3.       Investigate and Ensure Maximum Credit for all of Ohio’s Energy Initiatives

4.       Switch from Energy Mandates to Energy Incentives

5.       Declare that the General Assembly Retains Statutory Authority with Respect to Energy Policy and Dispatch Protocols

Soon after the release of the Report, Governor Kasich pronounced it “Unacceptable”.   An alleged “conservative” group called the Ohio Conservative Energy Forum popped up to support the Governor’s position.  This new group has come from out of the blue more or less and represents itself as speaking for a variety of conservative interest groups.  The OCEF board and their biographies are attached.  They include Mike Gonidakis of Ohio Right to Life, Terry McClure a Paulding County Farmer with interests in the wind business,  Tyler Duvelius Energy Director of the Christian Coalition,  James Ervin, head of Black Republicans  and a number of other “Republicans”.   The attached also includes a press release issued by this group who claims their pro renewable mandate position rests on principles of  Faith, Economy, National Security, Public Policy and Politics.   We’ll agree with the politics of this shill group which was likely formed to help shield the Governor from attack by environmentalists in his run for the Presidency.   We can guarantee these folks don’t know a thing about energy policy.

The true conservatives at the Buckeye Institute, who have been participating in the study process all along, also issued a press release which is reprinted below.   Buckeye asks why Ohio would want to return to the failed policies of the Strickland Administration?   Well….that certainly sets up some interesting political dilemmas as former Gov. Strickland, with Hillary Clinton at his side, takes on US Senator Rob Portman in the upcoming election.    In the meantime, Jeb Bush has come out with his energy policy which is the “real deal” from a Republican standpoint.    Bush announced “His energy platform focuses on four key areas, including repealing the 1970s-era oil export ban and easing restrictions for natural gas exports as well as terminating the Obama administration’s Clean Power Plan, which aims to reduce carbon emissions from power plants.  Bush’s proposal also names approval of the Keystone XL pipeline as a priority, along with giving states and Native American tribes greater control over energy production on public lands.  “Energy is not just a sector of our economy. It is also an input into every other economic sector,” Bush said.

Bush sounds like a Republican…..a conservative Republican who cares about the economy of our country.

There will be much more to report as the days go by and the “silly season” of electoral politics progresses.   All we can say is it looks like one fine MESS.

Diane and Julie

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